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Saturday, September 13, 2014


What is meditation?

What is meditation?

When we say Meditation, you need to understand this is not something that you can do. You can become meditative. You can become meditation. You can never do meditation. It's a certain quality. If this quality has to blossom within you.


If meditation has to blossom within you. If you cultivate your body, if you cultivate your mind, your emotion, and energy to a certain level of preparedness, meditation will blossom within you. If you do meditation. Anything that you do, you can't keep it up. Isn't it? Suppose your breath, are you doing it? Or is it happening? It's happening. Your life, you are doing it or it is happening? It's happening.

Suppose your breath was given into your hands to do it. If you got angry with somebody you would forget to breathe. Isn't it? Fortunately all the vital things are happening. You just have to sit here and enjoy the process of life. For that, what a mess people are making out of it. So when your breath cannot be given into your hands, your basic life cannot be given into your hands, meditation-how can it be given into your hands.

But if you create a certain atmosphere, meditation will happen. If there is spring in the soil, if there is spring in the sunlight, if there is spring in the atmosphere around, flowers will blossom. Isn't it? Flowers will not blossom because you sit there and peel them. So if you sit there and try to meditate, it is not going to happen. If you create the necessary atmosphere in your body, mind, emotion and energy, meditation has to blossom.

Meditation is not about going somewhere, it is a homecoming. It's getting back to your original nature. Instead of being on the surface you are going deeper into the core. It cannot be done but you can make it happen



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