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Monday, June 26, 2006


Dedicated to Dr.Pankaj Gandhi

Heartiest congratulations on becoming a doctor
I know, for many, you are already a benign benevolent factor
You’re a very strong character
Against your mettle, not even dares a dictator
You’re always there to help whatever the matter

Now the world is in your sail
We are privileged to get your mail

Your virtues, knowledge, compassion will augment by the passing day
Your vices, foes & human weakness will get slay

You’ve taken so much of pain
We must salute for the knowledge & repute that you’ve gain

Even for the meagre & needy ones you’ve shown such care
And when the moments came you showed that you can dare

For your opponents this culmination would be a nightmare
I know over a period of time they’d be very few & rare
And with their shrewdness & vices they’d be bare

We wish hope & pray that your knowledge, wisdom & glory reaches its pinnacle
In some time people will see you as an oracle (person or thing regarded as source of wisdom)

Avi kari
Ajwaryu name
Jayanti bhai nu & Khatri samaj nu


Loving Sister

Lucky one's are who have a sister like you
World should have more like you rather than few
Your love & affection is like first natural rain dew
Your caring is everlasting yet new



Revised without a chart
Definately wins our heart,
Indeed u r very smart &
Such a quick start
For a good art
If u feel it's tart
Then too pls. don't take it as a dart
This comes straight from heart & not taken from any mart
We all love ur part
All the best for ur future wart


Bhumi Lagan

Anand ane aishwarya bharya lagna jivan ne shubh kamnao Bhumi
Ishwar na aashirwad rupi tane male gani chumi,
Khushiyo sada tane wade ghumi,
Tara lagna prasange aao sau laiye thodu zumi

Paraspar vishwas,
Ej aapshe bhavi lagna jivan ne navo avkash,
Lagna jivan na sukh no relashe kirtiman praskash,
Aamari shubh kamanao tamara banne na jivan ma nahi rahe koi kachash,
Prem, samarpan, vishwas thi bujhao aarman no ni pyas,
Puri thai aa bhaw ni aneri talash,
Ek mek ni understanding ne kadi na thawa desho khalash,
Aadarsh jivan sangini bane relavjo khushyo no amrut rupi glass,
Aap chho world class,
This kavita is special, not for the mass.


O Dearest Dainty Damsel,

Your Ring,
Makes me feel the most ecstatic thing,
Forever to which I want to cling
To me U bring the most astonishing zing
U are my real life queen & I'm your king
I just want to linger on to that thinking
Without U I can see my lifeboat sinking
Your absence makes my entire soul blinking
Let the entire world end in fighting
I won't stop loving & caring
Because life means in giving & sharing
Hope you would appreciate this little daring


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