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Wednesday, August 31, 2016


the speaking tree - The Gita Makes You A High Networth Individual

Aug 31 2016 : The Times of India (Ahmedabad)
the speaking tree - The Gita Makes You A High Networth Individual

Everyone has infinite potential and talent. Yet most people live and die without so much as a glimpse of who they really are or what they bring to the world. The Bhagwad Gita helps unlock your potential so that you gain power to rock the world. All it takes is a slight shift in attitude, change in thinking.

M K Gandhi was a timid barrister who transformed into a Mahatma.Swami Vivekananda, who initially trembled at the thought of addressing the Parliament of Religions, became a world-famous preacher! Abdul Kalam rose from humble origins to become President of India.

The Gita says you too can metamorphose from an ordinary to an extraordinary immortal. It takes you step by step to the highest pedestal of human excellence. Not everyone is hugely talented or blessed with a high IQ, but every single person has spirit in equal measure. Just remove the excess matter obscuring the divine spark and you reach perfection.

As you think, so you become. You have been thinking of body , mind and intellect continuously , so you have become weak. Think of spirit with the same fervour and consistency! But how can the ordinary person achieve this when he has obligations in the world? It is impractical to expect people to leave their homes and work places to retire to the Himalayas in search of the Divine.

Do what you have to. Just think of Atman, Spirit. What you do matters little. It is where your mind is that makes the difference. Prayer or worship is not a casual, once-a-week ritual. It is a full time focus on the transcendental. In Chapter 4 Krishna takes you through the cycle of life which consists of three segments: intake of stimuli from the world, reaction to the stimuli and response back into the world. He further splits these three into 12 yajnas or sacrifices.

Yajna is the ancient Vedic ritual of fire worship. It consists of offering grain or ghee in the havan kund, a brick-walled enclosure. When fuel is added, fire is kindled. This process of offering and kindling is applied by Krishna to all life's activities, reminding us of God in our daily routine. Think of all worldly interactions as worship and you do not have to perform the ritual of havan. It is taking place within you 247! You have no control over what the world throws at you.

It could be pleasant or unpleasant. But you do have the power to convert it to worship. Your neighbour may scream at you. Think of it as yajna ­ the offering is the sound, the kindling is hearing. Your attention is on that power that enables you to hear, not on what you hear. Then you become independent of the world, no longer cowering in fear. You have the upper hand.

The world only bullies a weak person. Gain strength and the world will leave you alone. All problems will dissolve in your newfound confidence and you will be free to pursue the Higher.

Whether you are seeing, hearing, eating, breathing or acting, you are reminded of God every moment of your life. Gradually your mind gets anchored in the Higher. Lower desires drop. All yajnas end in wisdom, Self-realisation.The collateral benefit is worldly success and happiness.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Buffet Power of compounding

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


What was the most important human decision ever made?

A single "NO" from Iltutmish unknowingly saved entire Indian Civilization!

The story is set in 13th century which which was dominated by one person - Mongol ruler Genghis Khan. Now, I'll go ahead assume that you've heard about Genghis Khan. You couldn't not have. The guy was apocalypse himself. He was death, destroyer of worlds. Just open the link.



In 1215 A.D, Genghis Khan decided to forge a new alliance with neighboring Khwarezmian Empire. He sent a gift loaded caravan to Ala Ud-Din Mohammad who ruled of the Khwarezmian Empire.

Ala ad-Din, drunk with pride, slaughtered Genghis Khan's entire caravan!

Genghis Khan gave Ala ad-din the benefit of doubt and sent three royal ambassadors out of which one was Muslim, to investigate the fate of his caravan.

This time, Ala ad-din shaved the heads of the two Mongol ambassadors and beheaded the Muslim one and sent the severed head back.

"Vinash Kale Viprit Buddhi!"

That was the extent of Genghis Khan's tolerance.

With an army of 250,000 soldiers, trebuchets, battering rams, enormous siege bows , Genghis Khan invaded Khwarezim to avenge the insult. The comparative strength of two armies is often described as an assault rifle in a stone fight.

Genghiz's invasion was followed by an orgy of bloodshed that was never before witnessed in human history. Nearly seven million Khwarezmian civilians and a million soldiers were ruthlessly murdered. A huge wall was built outside the capital city of Samarkand with skulls of a million dead inhabitants.

The city of Urgench was the birth place of Ala ad-din. In that city, very Mongol soldier was ordered to kill at least 24 citizens. After killing the entire city, Genghis demolished all the dams around the city that held back the River Amu Darya. The entire city was submerged under water.

Ala Ad-din's only surviving son was Jalal. He ran into Khorasan ( today's Afghanistan) to continue the war. Genghis marched right after him. The cities of Khorasan started falling one by one. Jalal, as the last resort, ran to India.

The ruler of India was Iltutmish, the third king of the Delhi Sultanate.

Now, there is a fundamental pact of birth-brotherhood between all Muslims. A Muslim always considers another Muslim as his true brother even though they might be meeting for the first time. Under this code, Jalal appealed to Iltutmish for help. He wanted refuge and an army to defeat Genghis. He was confident that Iltutmish would definitely help his fellow Muslim monarch to fight against an infidel.


Just to emphasize the magnitude of this No, it was the first time in the history of the world when a Muslim monarch had denied asylum to another Muslim monarch who was being hunted by a non-Muslim Emperor! Jalal had no option but return to Khorasan.

Genghis Khan was by now bored of the war and he decided to return to Mongolia.

For us, the important thing is that he went back WITHOUT INVADING INDIA.




Simply put, Indian Civilization would not exist

Khwarezmian Empire was a gigantic empire. Yet we don't read anything about it in our History books. Why do you think that is?

Because Genghiz Khan annihilated it. He did the same with many other empires. For example, take the case of Baghdad. Genghis Khan invaded Baghdad in 1258. He turned the fertile plane of Baghdad into a desert. Baghdad has still not recovered, seven centuries after Mongol invasion.

Had Iltutmish given asylum to Jalal Ud-din, this would have been a direct invitation to Genghis. Enraged, Genghis would have marched into India with his undefeated army to fight Iltutmish.

Genghis would have obliterated Iltutmish, and then destroyed Delhi. By then, he would have seen all the riches that India had to offer. He would have pushed further into India destroying everyone and everything in his path. He would have wiped out the entire Indian Civilization and left behind a Mongol to govern whatever was left. We all would have been Mongols today.

And that ladies and gentlemen, is how a single "NO" saved the entire Indian Civilization.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


*TATA Rules the Heart of People*

*TATA Rules the Heart of People*

There is a blood bank inside the Tata Motors premises in Jamshedpur (there are Blood Banks in other plants as well).

This rule is also applied in Tata Steel too. If you donate a bottle of blood, not only you are given off for that day, but you can also avail an extra leave within 7 days of donating the blood.

Employees use it to extend their holidays. So, there is no shortage of leaves ever!!!

Needless to say, Tata loses several man-hours through this policy.

Once, while having a conversation with the employees of the company, Ratan Tata was asked a question (by a senior official), "People take undue advantage of the policy. We lose several man-hours due to this. The blood is replenished within 24 hours, you know. Why to give that extra holiday within 7 days of donating blood."

Ratan Tata smiled. He always does. And then came a calm reply. *"Encouragement is something I don't need to teach you. Only a few people donate because they want to. Talking about man-hours, we may be losing some man-hours doing that, but have you ever thought of the number of man-hours that get added to the person's life who receives that blood in the time of necessity? I am ready to sacrifice some of our man-hours for the better good of humanity."*

Ratan Tata is really inspiring Person and everyone should learn a lot with this.

*I hope it will be a good read*👆


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