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Saturday, June 04, 2016


If man has to account for his Karma (good and bad deeds) wherein comes the role of God?

If man has to account for his Karma (good and bad deeds) wherein comes the role of God?

In fact, God has no role in build up and settlement of one karmic account. God's job is to make us human souls so pure and holy so that, our karma are so elevated that they do not account for the karmic account. In such elevated state of being, we humans are in natural consciousness of our original form (soul) and its innate qualities. We do not have consciousness of our karma even during that elevated state of our being. Later when we develop consciousness towards body, it results into karma consciousness too, along with the advent of vices into our being. Only then, the contemplation and conflict of good and bad karma starts happening within us, creating the karmic account accumulation and settlement starts happening. Build up of karmic account is based on our thoughts, resulting into actions, while temporary situational effects are actually the settlement of previous karma. Good karmic accumulations result into pleasant temporary situations while bad karmic accumulations result in unpleasant, sorrowful, painful situations. With the God's knowledge of truth and being in feeling of his continuous companionship/ communion, surely takes us souls to an elevated stage, beyond the karma effect.

Thursday, June 02, 2016


I want to study but I waste my whole day without doing anything significant. I really want to study but I am unable to concentrate. What should I do?

I want to study but I waste my whole day without doing anything significant. I really want to study but I am unable to concentrate. What should I do?

Start waking up at 5 in the morning and drink water immediately. You can go back to sleep after 9 if you want, but those 4 hours in the morning will change the way you live! Knowing that you have a headstart on the day, you will want to plan out your day, make time tables. Somehow waking up early, makes you feel good about yourself and you wouldn't want to give up on that, once you start off. :)

Also , the first thing to do when you wake up is plan out briefly what you need to get done that day, and the last thing you do before going to bed is check an record what you actually did. Write it down in this manner:

1.What did I get done today?

2.What did I do for my family today?

3. Did I exercise today?

4. Did I care for my friends today?

5. What am I grateful for today?

6. What are the three good things about today?

7. How can I make tomorrow better?

8. How much money did I spend today?

. This does help a lot. I was once a heavy weight lazy 20 year old. Used to be good at academics while at school but somehow had lost all sorts of will power to study or keep myself healthy. But when I became morbidly obese, my parents started to worry and I started feeling lethargic. become Had lost all sense of self confidence too.

But a few months ago, I decided I need to stop this. So I got my shit together, and all I did was start waking up at 4am everyday. It was difficult. But I started out by reading novels in the morning. I have always been an avid reader and this habit made me want to wake up just to get more reading done. Slowly I started out exercising after reading and slowly started studying too. Having a psychologist as a mother helped quite a bit. :D

Started recording what I want to do and what I did each day.

In the past 3 months, my GPA shot up, I lost 20 kilos and became a better basketball player. Just by changing this habit of constantly staying on the internet and wasting time, I became a whole new person, a person who I am proud to talk about. :D

Don't get me wrong, I do need to catch up on my favorite shows and movies every weekend, but it doesn't seem like a waste of time anymore.

Remember - When you do the things that you need to do, when you need to do them, the day will come when you can do the things you want, when you want to do them.

Hope this helps. :D


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