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Sunday, April 27, 2008


A Girl's heart Break

I just can`t understand the ways
Of all the men and their mistakes,
You give them all your heart And then they rip it all away...
You told me how much you loved me,
And how our love was meant to be.
And I believed in you,
I thought that you would set me free... Chorus
You should`ve just told me the truth,
That I wasn`t the girl for you...
Still I didn`t have a clue, My heart depended on You...
Whoah Although I’ll say `I hate you` now,
Though I’ll shout and curse you out...
I`ll always have love for you, Because I am a girl.
Been told a man will leave you cold,
Get sick of you and bored...
I know that it`s no lie, I gave my all still I just cry

Sunday, April 06, 2008


On a Sunday in Office

This is my not so occasional sunday in office. Fortunately one good friends happens to be together. Some good reading material in Gujarati I've discovered. Articles by Sh. Gunvant Shah, Dr. Shasikant Shah all courtesy Sunday E Mehil by my respected Sir Shri Uttambhai Gajjar. I'm loving this day just coz of this. Also got a good old friend virtually together. Many interesting insight develop by reading such articles of such great people. Although seems basic fundamentals of life but really in this fast life we are forgetting, ignoring & becoming mechanized with stress, strain & pains, which we try to mitigate by foolish sensual pleasures & when we don't succeed we blame ourselves, god & modernity at times.


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