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Saturday, September 21, 2019


Mosquito repellant remedies from kitchen


Apple cider vinegar is powerful mosquito repelling base itself, and can work as a catalyst to increase the mosquito repelling effects of

other ingredients. By itself, ACV can be used as a drink  to keep mosquitoes away from your skin. Simply add two tablespoons to 450

millilitres of water, and add honey to sweeten it. As a catalyst, mixing it with baking soda causes a reaction that releases carbon dioxide,

which attracts mosquitoes, after which you can trap and kill them

Cinnamon oil contains four compounds, eugenol, anethole, cinnamyl acetate, and cinnamaldehyde, which  exhibit mosquito repelling properties.

To make a repellent with cinnamon oil, simply add ten drops of oil to 40 milliliters of water and mix the liquid, then apply on the exposed

areas of your body.

Cloves contain eugenol, a mosquito repelling compound, and also release a strong aroma. Add that to the sour and distasteful flavour of

lemon, and you've got a foolproof mosquito repellent. Cut a lemon in half, and insert a few cloves in each half, and place anywhere you

desire. You can also use clove oil on your body for a similar effect. Mix the oil of these two along with some coconut oil and apply on your


Garlic contains allicin, a compound that displays repellent action against mosquitoes. Moreover, it has a strong smell that drives mosquitoes

away. To make a repellent out of garlic, crush a few garlic cloves in a liter of water and simmer on low heat to transfer essential oils to

the water. Turn the flame off and let the liquid cool, then strain the liquid and dispose the garlic chunks.

Lavender oil has a dual functionality. Along with repelling mosquitos, it has a calm and soothing effect on us. The oil contains compounds

like eucalyptol, camphor, limonene, and linalool, all of which are natural mosquito repellents. Just a few drops are enough to ward off an

army of mosquitoes. Mix it with some coconut oil and apply directly on skin

Well, this is more of a toilet ingredient than a kitchen ingredient, but it works as a mosquito repellent nonetheless. Most mouthwashes have

mosquito repelling compounds like thymol, menthol, and eucalyptol, along with a good dose of ethanol. Together with the compounds, alcohol

(ethanol) not only gives off a strong taste, but it also gives off a pungent smell that keeps mosquitoes away. Just spray some mouthwash in

an around your house.

Thursday, March 21, 2019


15 most inspiring quotes of all times by Albert Einstein

Weak people revenge. Strong people forgive. Intelligent people ignore.

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.

All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree.

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

The only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason, mastery demands all of a person.

It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.

Once you stop learning, you start dying.

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

 A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?

 The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.

 A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019



Confessing to boredom is confessing to a character-flaw. Popular culture is littered with advice on how to shake it off: find like-minded people, take up a hobby, find a cause and work for it, take up an instrument, read a book, clean your house And certainly don’t let your kids be bored: enroll them in swimming, soccer, dance, church groups – anything to keep them from assuaging their boredom by gravitating toward sex and drugs. To do otherwise is to admit that we’re not engaging with the world around us. Or that your cellphone has died.


But boredom is not tragic. Properly understood, boredom helps us understand time, and ourselves. Unlike fun or work, boredom is not about anything; it is our encounter with pure time as form and content. With ads and screens and handheld devices ubiquitous, we don’t get to have that experience that much anymore. We should teach the young people to feel comfortable with time.


I live and teach in small-town Pennsylvania, and some of my students from bigger cities tell me that they always go home on Fridays because they are bored here.


You know the best antidote to boredom, I asked them? They looked at me expectantly, smartphones dangling from their hands. Think, I told them. Thinking is the best antidote to boredom. I am not kidding, kids. Thinking is the best antidote to boredom. Tell yourself, I am bored. Think about that. Isn’t that interesting? They looked at me incredulously. Thinking is not how they were brought up to handle boredom.


When you’re bored, time moves slowly. The German word for “boredom” expresses this: langeweile, a compound made of “lange,” which means “long,” and “weile” meaning “a while”. And slow-moving time can feel torturous for people who can’t feel peaceful alone with their minds. Learning to do so is why learning to be bored is so crucial. It is a great privilege if you can do this without going to the psychiatrist.


So lean in to boredom, into that intense experience of time untouched by beauty, pleasure, comfort and all other temporal salubrious sensations. Observe it, how your mind responds to boredom, what you feel and think when you get bored. This form of metathinking can help you overcome your boredom, and learn about yourself and the world in the process. If meditating on nothing is too hard at the outset, at the very least you can imitate William Wordsworth and let that host of golden daffodils flash upon your inward eye: emotions recollected in tranquility – that is, reflection – can fill empty hours while teaching you, slowly, how to sit and just be in the present.


Don’t replace boredom with work or fun or habits. Don’t pull out a screen at every idle moment. Boredom is the last privilege of a free mind. The currency with which you barter with folks who will sell you their “habit,” “fun” or “work” is your clear right to practice judgment, discernment and taste. In other words, always trust when boredom speaks to you. Instead of avoiding it, heed its messages, because they’ll keep you true to yourself.


It might be beneficial to think through why something bores you. You will get a whole new angle on things. Hold on to your boredom; you won’t notice how quickly time goes by once you start thinking about the things that bore you

Sunday, January 06, 2019


Song girlfriend to kisan

सनडे की शान है, दिल मैं अरमान है

गर्ल फ्रेंड को रेडी रहने का फरमान है

दिल आज मेरा बड़ा बेएमन है

सासो मैं तूफान है, रस्ते अंजान है

पा लू तुज़े तू मेरी जान है

फ़ेसबुक ट्विटर को आज देना आराम है

झूमना तेरे संग सिर्फ़ यही मेरा क़ाम है

अंगूर की बेटी का उँचा दाम है

अंदर के छलकाने आज सारे जाम है

देखना है मूज़े चाहे हो अंजाम है

सनडे की शान है, दिल मैं अरमान है

गर्ल फ्रेंड को रेडी रहने का फरमान है

खुदा मेहेरबन है, बंदा पहलवान है

हम मैं आज भी रहमान है

भोले इंसान की पहचान है

ज़माना बदले चाहे जितना, सबका पेट भरता किसान है

उतरी अब शान है, धरती पुत्र पे हमे मान है

सबको उनका करना सम्मान है

दिल मैं सब के अब बस यही अरमान है

जगत के टाट की उन्नति का फरमान है

फ़ेसबुक,दिल, साँसे सब बेएमन है

किसान की उन्नति मैं ही हमारी बस्ती जान है


Saturday, January 05, 2019


Song dil ke raz

मीठी से सोच, मन मैं उठी है आज

दिल के खोल दे तू राज़

मीठी से सोच, मन मैं उठी है आज

दिल के खोल दे तू राज़

बना ले तू अपना, बुन ले तू  सुनेहरा सपना

कोई तो है जो जिगर मैं तेरे ठहरा

गम चाहे कितना हो गहरा

ख़ुसीयो को बाँधने तो दे तू सेहरा

मीठी से सोच, मन मैं उठी है आज

दिल के खोल दे तू राज़

निकल पड़ा हू ए मंज़िल, पानी है मुज़को राहे

जो मिले हर डगर मन उसी को चाहे

आज खोली हैं आशाओ की बाहें

भिुले बिसरे गम अब मूज़े ना सताए

कंकर, पंछी, पानी और ये सारा गगन साथ लाए

मीठी से सोच, मन मैं उठी है आज

दिल के खोल दे तू राज़

बुना सपना आज हक़ीक़त बनने को है

कोई दूर बैठा अपना बनने को है

कदम एक चला मैं, दूरी नही अब कोई दरमियाँ

राज़ खुले है दिल के, अब है सिर्फ़ खुशिया

गैरो से क्या, अपनो से भी नही होता मैं नाराज़

मीठी से सोच मन मैं उठी थी आज

दिल ने खोल दिए सारे राज़


Song 05/01/2019

सुनी है दिल की धड़कन आज पहली बार,

सुनी है दिल की धड़कन आज पहली बार,

अब तक था बावला, मनचला, बेकरार

आज पहली बार, आज पहली बार

मन को आया है यू करार

इस दिल ने किया है एकरार

मिलना चाहू तुज़से बार बार

मिलना चाहू तुज़से बार बार

ये है प्यार ये है  ये प्यार है  ये प्यार

सनम तुम भी कह दो ना एक बार एक बार

ये है प्यार ये है  ये प्यार है  ये प्यार

मिली है आज प्यार की पहली नज़र

कुछ हुवा है हम पे ऐसा असर

मिली है आज प्यार की पहली नज़र

कुछ हुवा है हम पे ऐसा असर

जिस्मो जान हुवे बेख़बर

बस हर जगह तूही आए नज़र

रह जाए ना मेरे प्यार मैं कोई कसर

तेरे प्यार की हो ऐसी फ़ितरत, हर बद्दूवा हो गयी बेअसर

बस हर जगह तूही आए नज़र

रहमो करम बनाए रखना, तुम हमे अपना बनाए रखना

मार जाएँगे हम वरना, निगाहो से कभी हमे दूर मत करना

सुनी है दिल की धड़कन आज पहली बार,

मेरे इश्क पे पूरा हुआ ऐतबार

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


What do one want

👍👍, What do one want,
ચા ને ખમણ,
નોન veg તપેલા મણ મણ,
છાશવારે દમણ,
દારૂ રૂપે ઈંધણ,
પૂરું થાય ચાહે ધન,
મજા માંગે મન,
આમ કેમ થાય નીજ મન માં પ્રભુ નું આગમન,
આસક્તિ વિનાનું શ્રેષ્ઠ કર્તવ્ય પાલન,
એજ ભક્તિ નું આકલન,
આજે, હમણાં અને કાલે પણ,
વિરમું છુ, સૌ ને ભાવેશ ઝવેરી ના નમન.


7 Scientific Ways To Optimize Your Sleep For Better Performance

In our society today, we are so focused on the work hussle… On the bustin’ out… On the go, go go!
… But what about the recovery? What about the restoration?
Why do we feel guilt and shame surrounding something so fundamental to our productivity, health, and wellbeing?
Why have we made such a taboo of sleeping?
Fortunately, Dr. Michael Breus breaks these nonsense taboos —once and for all— in a recent Mindvalley Podcast episode with Vishen Lakhiani, Optimizing Your Sleep.
Here’s the selfie Vishen posted with Dr. Breus on his Instagram.

Dr. Michael Breus is famously dubbed The Sleep Doctor, and for good reason — he has written 3 best-selling books and has dedicated years of passionate research to helping people optimize their sleep and perform at their very best.
Here are 7 science-based tips from Dr. Breus to help you get the most restorative, restful, and deep sleep possible.

1. Figure Out How Much Sleep You Need

Everybody’s sleep need is different. 8 hours is a myth, let’s just start right there. Not everybody needs 8 hours.
— Dr. Michael Breus
Dr. Breus gets 6 hours of sleep per night — and he’s the Sleep Doctor.
Crazy, right?
Not quite.
Once you understand how we’ve computed the “8-hour myth,” you’ll understand how un-crazy this is.
We need about 5 sleep cycles a night, and we’ve been told that a sleep cycle is 90 minutes long. This is where we derive our popular sleep metric: 5 (sleep cycles) times 90 (minutes) equals 450 minutes, which rounds up to approximately 8 hours.
But here’s the thing — not everyone’s sleep cycles are 90 minutes long. Actually, the length of a human sleep cycle can range anywhere between 75-90 minutes.
So, if you are like Dr. Breus and have a shorter sleep cycle, you’ll require less sleep.
Now, how do you figure out how much sleep you need? You can use a handy dandy method invented by the Sleep Doctor, himself.

Dr. Breus’ Bedtime Calculator

1. Set a wake up time

Most of us have a socially determined wake up time — whether we need to wake up for work, to take the kids to school, what-have-you.
This socially determined wake up time is a good thing. In fact, Dr. Breus recommends keeping this time consistent through all 7 days of the week to help lock in your circadian rhythm.

2. Set a bedtime

Now, let’s say that you need to be awake at 7am. Count 7 ½ hours backward from 7am, and make 11:30pm your new bedtime.

3. Note when you wake up

Set your alarm for 7am, and note what time you naturally wake up.
If you find that you naturally wake up at 6:30am, then perhaps you only require 7 hours of sleep.
If you find that you are still groggy or tired when your alarm goes off, then perhaps try setting an earlier bedtime. Don’t feel bad about this, either — the world’s top performers get an average of 8 hours and 36 minutes of sleep per night.
This is how you discover how much sleep you need a night. Wear it proud!

4. Adjust as necessary

Sometimes, our lives are far busier than normal. Other times, we suffer from illness, jet lag, or an influx of stress. During these times, allow yourself any additional sleep you may need to recover.

2. Educate Yourself

Everything you do, you do better with a good night’s sleep.
— Dr. Michael Breus
Just by missing out on a single sleep cycle, your cognition can go down as much as 33%… Your risk taking goes up, while your rational thought about the risks you are taking go down.
Hmm, does the sleeplessness of places like Las Vegas make a bit more sense now?
The amount —and quality— of sleep you typically get directly affects your immune function, cognition, mood, and overall health and wellbeing. The more you come to understand the importance of sleep, the more you will respect it and the better it will get for you.
To further educate yourself, you can get a sleep study done. During a sleep study, you can learn about any sleep disorders you may have (snoring, sleep apnea, periodic limb movements, etc.).
Then, take the steps necessary to resolve them. This is the future and there are things you can do to combat these common problems.  

3. Moderate Your Caffeine Intake

Caffeine has a half-life of 6-8 hours. This means that, after about 7 hours, half of the caffeine you’ve ingested is still in your system.
For this, Dr. Breus suggests that we stop drinking caffeine at about 2pm. This will give you enough time to get at least half of the caffeine out of your system by bedtime.
Coffee fanatics (like myself), you can switch to decaf after 2pm.

4. Mind Your Nighttime Alcohol

Alcohol is, undoubtedly, the most popular sleep aid in the world.
Alas, using alcohol as a sleep aid is a bad idea. While alcohol can (sometimes embarrassingly) cause you to pass out like a narcoleptic, it isn’t conducive to deep, restorative sleep.
There is a big difference between “going to sleep” and “passing out.”
It takes the human body 1 hour to digest an alcoholic beverage. So, an easy way to fix this problem is to just give yourself 1 hour for each drink. For example, if you finish your third glass of wine by 8pm, go to bed at 11pm.
Voilà! Problem solved.

5. Exercise

We needn’t toot the horn of exercise when it comes it our health, we all know those benefits. However, did you know that proper exercise is the best way to improve your quality of sleep?
And we don’t mean bustin’ out hard at the gym for an hour, either — 20 to 25 minutes of moderate exercise will do the trick. Moderate exercise is any movement that gets your heart rate up slightly, this includes exercise as simple as walking, slow dancing with your dog, and light yoga.
Here’s the catch — exercise, of any kind, too close to bedtime may be a bit too exciting for your body. Dr. Breus recommends winding down for 4 hours before bed.
But wait, what about the bedroom sport, sex? Don’t worry, Dr. Breus has some great ideas regarding our unique chronotypes and the best time to have sex.

6. Optimize Light Exposure

Our exposure to different spectrums of light and our circadian rhythms go hand-in-hand.
To keep your circadian rhythm on track, it’s important to get 15 minutes of direct sunlight within 30 minutes of waking up. Taking Fido on a short walk or eating your breakfast outside do will the trick splendidly.
Also, if you get tired during the day, you can try to take a “sunshine break” instead of a coffee break.
However, if you don’t have an opportunity to soak in the sun’s natural rays, you can purchase light bulbs that emit a blue spectrum of light. This blue light spectrum (400−495 nm) is a high-energy spectrum that acts like coffee for your brain — it turns the “melatonin faucet” off.
For this same reason, it’s important to avoid blue light at night.
Blue light emits from screens of all kinds, including our phones. Many of us try to counteract this by using the red light emitting “night mode” setting on our phones. But unfortunately, as Dr. Breus states on the Mindvalley Podcast, this setting is a complete bogus.
While the screen may give off a red tint, the blue light is still being emitted.
He recommends using a software that isn’t bogus — rather, it’s scientifically proven to adjust the light your screen emits depending on the time of day. It’s called F.lux software, and will adjust to a blue, sunlight spectrum during the day, and a warm, red hue at night.
If nothing else, you can also opt-in for some stylish (yes, they are cool) blue light blocker glasses.
Within your home, you can replace light bulbs with GoodNight bulbs, or a number of other spectrum-specific lights by

7. Nap Like A Pro

This is another taboo-breaker: contrary to popular belief, napping is extraordinarily productive. A 26-minute nap increases performance by 30%.
During our podcast, Dr. Breus recommended two different modes of using naps as a superpower.

1. Traditional Power Naps

An ideal power nap is approximately 26 minutes.
The trick to optimizing your power naps is to know that naps have 3 different benefits depending entirely on the time of day you take them.
Morning naps boost memory and creativity.
Afternoon naps (siestas) boost alertness.
Evening naps can help to revitalize your focus.

2. The Nap-A-Latte

Catchy name, we know.
The Nap-A-Latte is a legit biohack which can drastically boost focus, alertness, and memory for at least 4 hours.
It’s simple.

Step 1

Chug a 6 oz cup of cooled or iced black coffee.
We say cooled or iced because we care about your mouth and don’t want you burning yourself (this hack is cool, but not worth a week of tastelessness), and we say black coffee because we care about your health (you can learn more about that in Vishen’s coffee post).

Step 2

Once the 6 ounces are down your hatch, lie down for a 20-minute nap.
Don’t worry— the coffee won’t affect the quality of your nap at all. It takes 20 minutes for the caffeine in coffee to reach plasma concentration levels and kick in.

Step 3

As you sleep, you will rid your body of the biological molecule that causes sleepiness, adenosine.
After about 20 minutes, just as your adenosine reserves are depleted —BAMM— the coffee kicks in and you feel like a zillion bucks.
According to Dr. Breus, this effect should work, solidly, for at least 4 hours. He also wants to make a special note that while this serves as an awesome biohack, it shouldn’t be used every day in place of proper sleep — proper sleep is number one!
Hope you enjoyed this guide and if you want to hear more about the science of sleep, tune in to the Mindvalley Podcast episode with Dr. Breus.[list_mva]

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


અન્ન કણ-હરિ નામ- પૂર્ણ બ્રહ્મ - સંત તુકારામ

મુખ મહીં કણ મૂકતાં, નામ લેજો હરિનું
સહજ હવન થાશે, નામ લેતાં પ્રભુનું,
જીવન સજીવન કરતું, અન્ન છે પૂર્ણ બ્રહ્મ,
ઉદરભરણ નથી આ, જાણજો યજ્ઞકર્મ!
- સંત તુકારામ


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