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Wednesday, September 12, 2012



As per the Information and Technology Act 2000, any person sending any electronic mail / message for the purpose of causing annoyance or inconvenience or to deceive or to mislead the addressee or recipient of such messages can be booked under section 66A.


Case No. 01

A person received a call from someone claiming that he was from his mobile service provider and he asked him to shut down his mobile phone for 2 hours for 3G update to take place. As the concerned person was rushing for a meeting, he did not question and shutdown his cell phone. After 45 minutes, he felt very suspicious since the caller did not even introduce his name. He quickly turned on his cell phone and he saw several missed calls from his family members and the others were from the number that had called him earlier - 3954380. He called his parents and he was shocked that they sounded very worried asking him whether he was safe. His parents told him that they had received a call from someone claiming that they had him with them and asking for money to let him free. The call was so real and his parents even heard 'his voice' crying out loud asking for help. His parent was at the bank waiting for next call to proceed for money transfer. He told his parents that he was safe and asked them to lodge a police report. Right after that he received another call from the guy asking him to shut down his cell phone for another 1 hour which he refused to do and hung up. They kept calling his cell phone until the battery had run down. He himself lodged a police report and he was informed by the officer that there were many such scams reported. MOST of the cases reported that the victim had already transferred the money! And it is impossible to get back the money. Be careful as this kind of scam might happen to any of us. Those guys are so professional & very convincing during calls. If you are asked to shut down your cell phone for updates by the service provider, ASK AROUND! Your family or friends might receive the same call.

“Get Safe and Secure”

Compiled and Released By Global Security Operations Centre. Employees can contribute their suggestions and feedbacks by phone on 022-44774477 or at Globalsecurityoperations.centre@ril .com.

Release Date: - 10.09.2012

Case No. 02

A lady received a call on her landline from someone claiming that he was from special police force and had arrested her husband for viewing and distributing pornographic material using his personal computer, which their team remotely scanned. He further informed her that the local police had not been made privy to this information and, therefore, she was advised to not go to any police station in her area. The caller looked so professional and real that the victim completely trusted him. He even said that she should not call her husband and also any of her relatives, as this might spread the news of his arrest and cause further trouble to her husband, apart from bringing the bad name to his family. After this, the miscreant told her that they could settle the case out of court and would not take her husband to police station if she agreed to pay them some money. The lady agreed and asked him as to where & when she should come and give money. On being told the location and time, the lady went to the bank, withdrew the money (Around Rs. 30,000) and reached the location. As soon as she reached, the


“Get Safe and Secure”

Release Date: - 10.09.2012

miscreants recognized her through her car’s registration number, model and color as they had collected complete information about victim’s property and family members before committing this act. She was told to remain in the car, put the money bag on rear seat and then blindfold herself with her “dupatta”. She followed the instructions and within five minutes a person came, opened the rear door of her car and picked up the money bag. The lady waited for a few minutes for a call from them about the release of her husband, but she did not receive any response. Thereafter, she immediately called up her husband and, much to her surprise; her husband answered the phone and said that he was in the office only. Both of them were quite shocked for having been swindled.

Case No. 03

A six-member gang of fake Naxalites, extorted money from many people in Rayagada and Kalahandi districts. he gang members’ modus operandi was to make phone calls to the targeted people posing themselves as Naxalites and demand provision of hand grenades, batteries, and wire used to trigger landmine explosions. When the victims expressed their inability to collect and provide the items in the list, the fake Maoists used to demand money in exchange. “Initially, they demand Rs. 2 lakh from the persons they rang up and sometimes they even settled for just Rs.10, 000. On getting tip off, Rayagada Superintendent of Police Rajesh Pandit formed a special squad and nabbed the gang. Seven mobile phones and ten SIM cards of the fake Maoists used for extortion were seized. All the arrested persons were from Mahadev Kakili village under Seskhal police station in Rayagada district. Five of the arrested persons were in their early twenties and the other one was in his thirties.

Case No. 04

A Delhi resident Swapna Paul had a 'clone'. Swapna had not seen her 'clone' but for the last two years her 'double' had been sending threatening messages to her father on his cell phone. The messages were being sent from Swapna's mobile number, freaking out both father and daughter. Clearly, she didn't send the messages. Who- sent- it? The Delhi Police's cyber cell is working to solve the case, surely one of the toughest assignments they have handled. No breakthrough has been made but the police have given a clean chit to Indian scientists and suspect that some mischief- seekers have cloned Swapna's mobile phone and shooting the messages. The messages warn that Swapna should leave her job as a teacher at a private school in Noida. Or she would be killed. Swapna's father S. K. Mazumdar, a former employee of Doordarshan, said he had been ignoring the messages for a long time as he hoped that they would stop automatically. Finally when the situation went from bad to worse, he approached the police, who are conducting a technical investigation. Mazumdar receives two types of messages: one, threatening his daughter and the other offering a solution with the name of a Hindu deity written at the end of the message. "The second SMS says that if I follow the instructions in the message, nothing wrong would happen to my daughter," he wrote in


Get Safe and Secure”

Release Date: - 10.09.2012

the police complaint. It is possible that somebody has cloned Swapna's SIM. It is very likely that this is a case of SIM card cloning. When a SIM card is cloned, all the information on one card is copied on another without the permission of the user. A number of softwares are freely available online for such cloning purposes." "Generally, a SIM card is cloned to steal money from a person's account using his personal information. But in this particular case, it is possible that the person who has cloned the SIM card is trying to misguide and confuse the family by sending them messages with a threat and solution to the threat. Using an Indian deity's name in the messages could be just a way of reinforcing their belief in supernatural power, so that they do not suspect a technical angle in it.

Case No 05

While cases of criminals obtaining SIM cards on fake identities are commonplace, in the latest case pranksters seemed to have cloned the SIM card of a Ghaziabad based businessman to send police on a wild goose chase, as per the report of Times of India. "When we probed the matter using technical surveillance, we found the calls were made from a SIM owned by a Vijay Nagar based businessman. We gave our inputs to the Ghaziabad police but the person they traced was completely in the dark about the calls. Ghaziabad police found the man`s claims to be true. "He was very much in Ghaziabad on Saturday night even though the caller location was found to be Delhi`s Mubarakpur. A case in this regard was registered at the IP Estate police station.

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