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Monday, April 30, 2012


Life of Kaushal after Being Fired from Microsoft-----------


Hello Friends







This is Kaushal Choudhary. Don't be surprised by hearing his name just because it sounds like the name of some decent guy like us. In fact, he is one of us who was a software engineer by profession.
     Kaushal graduated from one of the reputed engineering colleges in 2005 with lots of dreams in his eyes to make it big in software industry. He got selected in Infosys by campus placement as he was among the  toppers. In fact, he worked his brains out , day and night, chasing deadlines and all just to make it big. For initial 2 years of his career he worked like nuts just to achieve his dream.
    He forgot everything which young guys normally dreams for, bikes,cars,mobiles,girls.... He was only after his dream to climb the corporate ladder.
He used to come early in the office, leave late(Sometimes even slept in the office premises somewhere)...Many times he used to work on weekends. His manager was very impressed and used to appreciate on mails like "you are an asset to the project".
And after 2 years of his career , he did what we guys normally do i.e. SWITCH THE COMPANY.
In fact, he was lot better than 95% of us. He got selected in
MICROSOFT. That was the day when he had tears in his eyes.

But he also knew that it was not his destination. His only dream was to be on the top in software.

  Winning is an habit , and Kaushal's habit of performing well, late night stays, chasing deadlines, back to back meetings, deliveries and all didn't leave him and one day his manager awarded him with VIP award and gave him PRECIOUS MICROSOFT T-SHIRT(YELLOW COLOUR). And he immediately got attached to that MICROSOFT logo t-shirt and that he started wearing it every FRIDAY in the office.

He made sure that he wears that
MICROSOFT t-shirt on weekends whenever he goes out for movies, dinners and all.

And one day, something happened that shaked everybody.... AND who doesn't know that. First news of Banks going bankrupt came and then guess what....


At this moment, KAUSHAL's manager called him in his cubicle and asked him to Return back his

KAUSHAL asked his PM, BUT WHY?
PM: Because you are fired.
KAUSHAL: Shocked,(As he never imagined)... But Sir, i was doing my job well
PM: I know but company can't afford you and doing cost cutting
KAUSHAL: But sir it was my dream to work in Microsoft
PM: I appreciate
KAUSAL: (Crying) I will never leave
PM: But you have to
KAUSHAL: But i will not
PM: Ok , do one thing , keep
MICROSOFT t-shirt but you have to leave
KAUSHAL: Happily gave his resignation but decided not to work in software anymore and decided to wear
MICROSOFT t-shirt everyday of his life till he dies

NOW, KAUSHAL was seen working for a TEA-VENDOR near kalyani nagar,IT cerebrum park,Pune wearing
MICROSOFT t-shirt . One caring and compassionate Software professional ,seeing Microsoft employee in this condition offered him TEA and clicked him just to make him happy again in life. It made him happy too. He was still wearing that golden MICROSOFT t-shirt just to teach other software professionals a lesson and to let them know that NOTHING IS PERMANENT IN LIFE. IF I CAN BE FIRED THEN YOU CAN BE:):):)

Moral of this story: Never keep all your eggs in one basket. Always create options in life, otherwise TEA Stalls are waiting for us.





" Happy = Having A Positive Perspective (about) Yourself ".



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