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Monday, July 03, 2006


Purpose of Life

What is the purpose of our life? If any one can give answer to this question it is us, How? One needs to completely surrender one self to the belief that almighty is there in every one of us resting as different souls which means we are an “ansh or part” of that powerful deity. Once we can do that answers will come from inside. This is really worth trying, one may not succeed immediately as we have many covers on our soul right from our early understandings in childhood hitherto, so to surrender completely & be with someone, who actually is everywhere & in each one of us, initially surprises us & our superficial layers inhibit us from complete surrendering. But complete, frank, innocent, child like surrender will lead you to answers. More on this experience later on.

I believe that our main purpose in life should be to reach our highest potential and do as much good for humanity, leave the world a bit better than we found it, with a healthy child, planting a tree or a redeemed social condition. Success in life is to know that one life breathed easier because we lived.
Yes excellent thoughts! I fully agree with you that if each of one us has such a purpose in life & try to fulfill it at all the times the world would definately be a great place to live. To keep me posted with such inspirational noble thoughts. Hearties Thanx for this.
I think we're not allowed to find out the exact purpose of life.What I believe is that we should keep our faith in God, live by His will, study His word, be gratefull and never cease praying so that we live even after our physical death.I'd say the purpose is to follow the purpose.
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